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Live au 3 Frères
Peter Corser, François Fuchs, Emiliano Turi
May, 2005. A live improvised concert with Peter Corser on tenor saxophone, François Fuchs on double bass and Emiliano Turi on drums at Les Trois Frères, Paris. This was the first time these 3 musicians had played together. A good first meeting.
Push Push
Peter Corser, Xavier Roux
April, 2005. This album was formed after 3 experimental recording sessions in Xavier Roux's home studio. It consists of 7 live improvisations, with Xavier Roux on electric and acoustic turntables and effects and Peter Corser on Tenor Saxophone. It has been released on their new label, ImproBable records.
Breathing Out
Peter Corser Solo
Summer, 2004. After a year of intensive work, Peter records a solo CD that explores several ideas: Structured cir- cular breathing, multiphonics, focussed free improvisation and percussive sounds. It combines technical dexterity and a heightened sense of control with a variety of colours, shades, moods and a real sense of emotion. Each composition is played and recorded live and as a whole. There are no multi-tracks or loops. Sleeve notes
Live at L'Olympic Café
Peter Corser Trio
2001. A live recording, with Emmanuel Brunet on double bass and Bertrand Perrin on Drums. The music combines tight written elements and long free passages, charming the unsuspecting public. Peter has moved into a freer musical landscape, including rich, highly charged improvisations. Circular breathing has become an integral part of his playing. Bertrand's strong rhythmic drumming compliments Emmanuel's lyrical style.
Circular Way
Peter Corser Trio
2000. A studio session with Etienne Cauchemez on double bass and Clément Abraham on drums is recorded in March 2000. The trio's generally effortless cohesion is the result of them having played nearly 70 concerts together. The saxophonist's seven unashamedly jazz-style compositions include intricate chord based impro- visations, which reach somewhat deeper than his previous work.
Finding The Time
Peter Corser Quartet
1998. Peter records his first CD, Finding the Time, consisting of 8 of his own compositions, with Joël Gauvrit on piano, Stéphane Benveniste on double bass and Bertrand Perrin on drums. The music includes jazz, funk and reggae elements. The improvisations remain within safe, chordally based limits but there are some nice solos, particularly from Joël whose quintet later wins the prestigious Avignon jazz competition in 2002.